Anglo American Chairman’s Fund South African National Lottery DG Murray Trust Florida Primary supports us at Easter and Christmas Constantia Kloof Primary supports us at Christmas and Easter REGULAR DONORS Moslein Foundation have supported us regularly for a number of years with, winter oranges, Easter hot cross buns and at Christmas a monetary donation towards gifts. Farmers – potatoes, vegetables. Anonymous Foreign Donor - Ablution Upgrade, building the Psycho-geriatric Centre Pest Control 2001 - JP Mprgan donated Palisade Fence, and furniture for new residence 2012 - Tea party.2012 Pick n Pay tea party 2012 - Kenyan Drums donated by Bro. Paulin. Brothers of Charity Superior of Africa 2012 - Electric organ- donated by Edwin Stafford. 2013 - Four day trip to Durban for the psycho-geriatric residents. 1st time at the sea for some. 2013 - Donation of 40 blankets most gratefully received from the Ananda Marga Community. 2013 - Donation of wood offcuts. 2013 - Anita & John Speedy. Volunteers scroll sawing teachers. 2013 - Free table at Craft Market church fête. NG Kerk Roodepoort. 2014 - Thanks to the Moslein Foundation who treated Thandanani with Easter hot cross buns. 2014- Florida Primary School has spoilt us with Easter eggs. 2014 - July - To everyone at SA Magic Tours - Terry Fenton-Wells, Stanley Wong, Odine Holmes, and The Radisson Blu Hotel Lauren Berkowitz; on behalf of our residents, thank you so much for your kindness and consideration in sponsoring us for 70 Balloon trips plus some treats. 2014 - Thank you to the NATIONAL LOTTERY DISTRIBUTION TRUST FUND, (NLDTF) for considering our 2012 CHARITIES application and awarding us R597,000 towards our running costs. Our workshops will also get a welcome injection of supplies to keep our residents productive and semi/self employed. 2104 - A 1st AID Level 1 Course was donated by Edwin Stafford of Strat Training and run by Sylvester Ngwane for 4 staff and 6 residents and observed by the rest of the 52 residents. A practical demonstration of putting out a fire using fire extinguishers (due for refilling) gave the residents an opportunity to use the equipment. It was of great benefit to our Centre. Everyone felt that they had learnt a lot especially with a hands on practical approach. 2015 & 2016 - Easter eggs from Florida Primary School and Victory House College. 2015 - A big thank you to FNB for sponsoring a trip to the LION PARK. It was a most enjoyable outing for all. 2016 - A piano was donated by an anonymous donor, we now have wonderful music. 2016 - Thanks again to FNB JHB COMMUNITY OUTREACH GROUPS who who helped us with maintenance, improvements, and painted the walls of Rose House offices and the residence. 2016 - MADIBA DAY - Thanks to Gavin Wilson form the Fire Department for the donation of smoke detectors 2016 - AUGUST & SEPTEMBER FNB Volunteer program visits Thandanani for the 2nd & 3rd time. PAINTING ROSE HOUSE PROJECT the 3rd session has Rose House looking all spruced up. Thanks to Solomon Mzinyane of FNB Johannesburg branch for motivating the different sectors into giving a little elbow grease. 2017 - First National Bank Volunteers program 2017 - STRAT TRAINING Level 1 1st Aid Training for 5 staff and 5 residents2017 - WESTRAND FIRE – training on the use of fire extinguishers2017 -Outing to the Market Theatre- “The Inconvenience of Wings”2018 - Standard Bank JHB – planting our vegetable garden2018 - Florida Community Policing. 2018 - Standard Bank JHB – planting our vegetable garden. 2018 - Florida Community Policing

A Big Thank You To Everyone

Our Wish List

EMPLOYMENT without exploitation, with reasonable accommodation. Our residents have a variety of skills and have a willingness to work. REMOVE THE STIGMA that exists against people who are different. COMPUTERS – Our 2008 computers are now giving up the ghost. Any company upgrading their laptops or Desktop computers are welcome to send their old ones our way. Extras will be passed to other Mental Health NPO’s in need. RECYCLED items- mosaic tiles, beads, pine wood, pallet wood, glass bottles, materials, wool, crochet cotton, embroidery cotton. PLANTS- Cuttings and plants for our Indigenous gardens. Help us beautify our living space to create a tranquil environment. LOUNGE FURNITURE - Couches needed MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, guitar, drums, guitar teacher. OUTINGS - Sponsorship to go on educational outings, picnic in the park, cinema, theatre ROLL-UP SCREEN - to project movies onto.
Thank You for the support. Your help has made an enormous difference
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Contact: t: +27 (0)11 674 5130  e: info1 @ thandananicentre .  Location: Florida Roodepoort South Africa Thandanani Centre Brothers of Charity Services Residential and Day Care Facilities for Persons with a Severe Psychiatric Disorder  (NPO No 014 402 / PBO No 930002381)