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Family Day Bring &


We enjoy Family Day twice a year ( 2nd Saturday in April and the last Saturday in November an Easter and Christmas craft market ). This November was fortuitously a sunny day in between rainy days. Our garden was looking wonderfully green. Meeting new faces and catching up with family news created a buzz of conversations. Many family members shared their spread, and there were some tasty spicy foods as well as Paul’s bucket of KFC that he dished out to everyone as a starter. There were some new faces this year as well as the regulars. On this occasion residents were expected to braai their own meat on skottel braais or charcoal braais. And so a new traditional begins. Cooking one’s own food. Everyone found out that they could actually cook and that standing around a braai in the good old South African tradition is a fun activity. Crafters sold some of their wares. Everyone went home smiling.

Thank You FNB

Thanks again to FNB JHB COMMUNITY OUTREACH GROUP who who helped us with our maintenance, improvements around the property, and painted the walls of Rose House.

Thank You FNB

Johannesburg Branch

After 3 painting session Rose House is looking all spruced up. Thanks to Solomon Mzinyane of FNB Johannesburg branch for motivating the different sectors into giving a little elbow grease.

Mental Health Day

October 2018

Monash South Africa students and followers of the institution’s Facebook page were left with a better understanding of how to deal with mentally ill people after a live streaming session.The public relations third-year students facilitated a Facebook live streaming session in a talk-show set up to which they invited Margi King from Thandanani, an NPO that accommodates people with mental disabilities, as the globe celebrated World Mental Health Day on Wednesday, 10 October.
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Contact: t: +27 (0)11 674 5130  e: info1 @ thandananicentre .  Location: Florida Roodepoort South Africa Thandanani Centre Brothers of Charity Services Residential and Day Care Facilities for Persons with a Severe Psychiatric Disorder  (NPO No 014 402 / PBO No 930002381)