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Thandanani Centre Brothers of Charity Services is a psychiatric rehabilitation centre catering to adults with a chronic, severe psychiatric disorder like schizophrenia or Bipolar Mood Disorder (BMD). We fall under the International Brothers of Charity, a world-wide Congregation of Catholic Brothers with their head-office in Belgium. Thandanani is a registered non-profit organization licenced to operate by the Gauteng Department of Mental Health. Thandanani Centre is situated in a quiet leafy suburban street in Florida, West Rand of Johannesburg, South Africa and is licensed to accommodate 61 residents and 5-day care places.

We provide a structured, supportive environment. To improve their welfare and daily care, we promote activities that keep residents gainfully occupied. Our aim is to remove the stigma attached to mental illness by enabling the residents to integrate into community life and by creating public awareness about Mental Health. Providing residents accept responsibility, and are compliant on prescribed medication, they can lead a functional life at the Thandanani Centre.